Boba Tea

Boba tea is a game changer, and our Green Tea Lemonade is made with a green tea mixer, lemonade, and boba to create an end result ensuring a fantastic taste that you have never tasted before.

Boba Blends High-Pressure Processing Technology

Our blend is a game changer it undergoes high-pressure processing technology, or HPP is a non-thermal process that kills pathogenic bacteria and spoilage organisms through high-pressure, water-based technology. This FDA-approved, 100% natural process, and is allowed for use on organic and natural products. It uses pure cold water, and up to 87,000 psi to inactivate harmful pathogens and dramatically extend shelf life. For you, this means no chemicals, no heat, and no additives.

Why should you drink boba tea?

There are a few benefits to drinking boba teas. Whether you're a vegan or looking to improve gut health, boba tea is a solid option for anyone.

Our product line is comprised of six core blends.

  • Mango with Mango Boba
  • Passion Fruit with Passion Fruit Boba
  • Peach with Peach Boba
  • Strawberry with Strawberry Boba
  • Pomegranate with Pomegranate Boba
  • Blueberry with Blueberry Boba