Our Story

The Boba Blends Story

Since 2023, Boba Blends has made it our mission to bring you delicious blends of Bubble Milk Tea and Green Tea Lemonade. 

What makes our bubble tea so special?

Our hand-crafted, bubble tea blends are never heat-pasteurized and contain an extended shelf life.

Most other bubble tea blends on the market are filled with lactose and not vegan-conscious, but our blends are made using black tea, green tea, lemonade, non-dairy mixtures, and bursting boba or gummy boba in the perfect ratio to make a delicious drink.

Consciously Sourced 

We pride ourselves on bottling only the absolute best. We take the time to ensure all our products are consciously sourced and undergo our cold-pasteurization process to ensure safety and retain nutritional quality. Every single bottle is made with love in Wisconsin.